An Idle Mind: 1986 Movie Transformers, represent

IMG_0813Hot Rod, Cyclonus, Kup, and Scourge.  Of these figures, Hot Rod was the only one I owned as a kid.  A fragile piece, too.  That piece in the back that were his wings/windshield broke of shortly after I had him.  Not just me, either.  I don’t know of many kids who didn’t have a Hot Rod with his back plate affixed via rubber band or glue.  New Hot Rod is a little better, but his arm does tend to fall off.  The other three are some of the most solid Transformers I’ve ever owned.  Cyclonus is a joy to transform.  I love Kup’s great looking alt mode and his grumpy personality in bot mode.  And I basically bought Scourge just because of his alt mode, which is the Boeing Blended-Wing-Body concept plane.  Much better than the “flying bathtub” from his initial G1 design.


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