Observations about Seahawk Nation


My wife and I have been Seahawks fans for a solid ten years. In fact, our first date was at a Seahawks game. I’d dig up an old photo, but it was captured on film and our copy is perched in a nice spot on our bookshelf. Anyway, it’s been a crazy ride, and right now, on the cusp of winning the Super Bowl THAT’S RIGHT BRONCO NATION I GUARANTEE WE WIN YOU CAN JUST PACK UP AND GO HOME TO YOUR PEYTON MANNING PLUSHIES the Seahawks nation has never been more crazy. A few observations thus far this year.

  • A lot of barely articulate fans from opposing teams have made snide remarks about “bandwagon” fans. Well… there is probably a lot of truth to that. I remember seeing a chart somewhere where the Seahawks jumped from 22nd most popular team in the NFL to 12th this year. So how can you tell a bandwagon fan apart from the diehards? Well, if you check our swag, us diehards still rock the blue-and-even-darker-blue combo that Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander rocked back when they took the Hawks to the Super Bowl the first time.
  • Wearing the “sad-eyed” logo does not ensure diehard status. It might just mean that fan is a stinkin’ hipster. There are a lot of stinkin’ hipsters in Seattle.
  • I own a beanie with the “sad-eyed” logo.
  • Despite being one of the loudest home crowds in the NFL, Hawks fans are not particularly creative with their cheers. Seriously, how many times do I have to hear someone yelling “SEA” and waiting for everyone else to respond, “HAWKS”? Now, cheers must brow organically, but may I make a suggestion? I would like to propose “ECOBOOST” as a new cheer. “ECO” because it’s synonymous with green (a Hawks color) and ties into the Seattle crowd, which are a bunch of enviro-hipsters. And “BOOST” because it captures the radness.
  • Yes, yes, we know all about how eeevveerrrybooodddyy hates Richard Sherman. Whatever. We love the guy. We put his face on our Jumbotron to pump up the crowd. Look, Hawks history is filled with very polite players. He’s the one guy who is rude and has attitude. If he were a ninja turtle, he’d be Raphael. And everyone loves Raphael. He was the star of the movies! So go ahead and make fun of him with your internet memes and your message board shenanigans. It only makes us stronger.
  • I may be the only fan who’s willing to say this… but “Legion of Boom” is seriously the dumbest nickname ever for a defensive unit.
  • The Oakland Raiders fans get all the press for their outlandish costumes. But seriously, they’re not that imaginative. Spikes and biker gear and the random Darth Vader. We have a shirtless guy who dresses like the Hulk and a granny with a blue wig. Eat it, Raiders fans.
  • I’ve been a Seahawks fan many years, and this is the first time I’ve seen the city have so much confidence. Even during Super Bowl XL, there was a bit of hesitation, since there was almost an eerie sense that hey, we were going to lose this. This time: 12th Man flags everywhere. The random barista going “Go Hawks.” The entire city rallying. I think this may be because we lost the Sonics. If they’d stayed, we be all, “Well, too bad the Hawks lost. At least we get to watch Kevin Durant be awesome after.” But now… it’s all we have. We are hungry. We want this win, and we love this team. Hasselbeck, Alexander, and Tatupu were fine, but they didn’t have the crazy energy that Wilson, Lynch, and Sherman bring to the field. They are both underdogs and a team of destiny.
  • SEA…
  • …HAWKS!!!
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