Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

What’s on top? Tulips are on top. Also the things that are on top of the tulips.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections






Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections!

Somehow I cannot hide
Who I am
Though I’ve tried
When will my reflection show
Who I am

— Reflections, from Disney’s Mulan

Weekly Photo Challenge: inside


Submittal for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

This week’s challenge is more manageable: ABANDONED!

Hey, Americans, remember last year when there was a budget crisis, and all the employees of the national parks got laid-off for a while? Well, I do. Because we went down to Oregon at that time to enjoy some nature. We were a little afraid that we wouldn’t be able to get in, but no government employees also means … no one stopping you at the gates!

So here’s some pictures from our dune buggy trip up and down the Oregon Dunes National Park, abandoned and generally empty except for the few intrepid dune enthusiasts who decided to jump the gates and hit the beach. I don’t know if it’s always that quiet… there were very long stretches when we saw no one. I’d like to think that was a wonderful positive effect of the government shut-down: a chance to see the emptiness of nature without the pesky campers and barbecuers and sunbathers around.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


So what is Treasure? The NFL Lombardi trophy.

OK, so I’ve been Seahawks crazy for the last month, but let me explain why. The Seahawks are pretty much responsible for my marriage. It’s true! My wife and I first dated when someone gave her free tickets to a game. It was 49ers vs. Hawks. I was never much of a football fan then: being a Detroit transplant, hockey was king (though I was way more a Pistons fan). But my wife has always enjoyed football (though she didn’t know the rules), and I promised to come with.


Anyway, football has always been part of our relationship. Guess what we wore at the wedding rehearsal? Yup. Football jerseys. I even tracked down a copy of the cap I wore to our first game because the one I wore got lost on a plane at some point.


My wife even had me twist balloons for her class. Guess what she requested?

So, yes, the Lombardi is our awesome treasure. It is both a fun sports thing to happen, and a great hobby the two of us love to share. We got to see it live at the downtown parade last week, an event my wife insisted was worth taking the day off for.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

This week’s challenge: SELFIE! Here’s my various face paint attempts as the Seahawks inched closer and closer to winning the Super Bowl.