Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand


This week’s photo challenge: Grand. To answer that challenge, I give you a view from the Empire State Building of the new One World Trade Center, the current tallest building in the Western Hemisphere (and fourth tallest building in the world). The idea of the challenge was to give you, the viewer an idea of the immensity. It seems strange to post something with the skyline zoomed out — I do have closer photos, as shown in a previous gallery I posted — but I think that this may be a better representation of how large the new One World Trade Center is. For it is there, dominating the other tall buildings of the financial district and looming like a giant among the tinier buildings in Manhattan. (In the foreground, you can make out the Flatiron Building, one of the earliest skyscrapers in New York.) And to the right you may be able to see a tiny spec that looks like a woman. That would be the Statue of Liberty. That should give you an idea of the new World Trade Center’s largeness.

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