Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Yes, yes, y’all, it’s time again for the Daily Photo Challenge. Theme this week? Fleeting. It brought to mind this ephemeral day. I’ve taken photos of many sunsets from this area now. Either the clouds are clumping up (which can be spectacular), or the skies are bare (not so much). Or… there’s so many clouds that there’s no view of the sun.

This is one of the few times I’ve seen it so… wispy. The skies look fragile. I think it’s because these small strands of clouds were buffeted about by the winds. Anyway, there’s usually only about a twenty minute window to catch a sunset and its aftermath. When the sun is up, it doesn’t look so great. But in that fleeting moment the sun hits the horizon: it’s magic hour.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

  1. These are wonderful sunset shots! I love the way you caught the waves at the perfect point in the bottom right picture. Having tried to do this, I know how hard it is (at least with an iPad.)


    1. Thanks! Though to be honest with you, there are about three or four photos I took where the waves were not quite so thrilling-looking. 🙂 Patience and a decent-sized amount of free memory is a requirement.

      1. Too true…and many photos with a fleeting life before being deleted. 🙂 I didn’t figure this was your only shot because if it were, you’re either the best photographer in the world or the luckiest!


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