Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


Submittal for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Community. This is a photo of folks living in a small community near Dagupan in the Philippines. This particular community? It’s located on a junkyard.

Right behind me is a beach. Farther to the front is a cemetery. And to the left is the junkyard itself. This area is located next to security gates, where a small grass hut was constructed. Most of the men take the lowest paying jobs in town, while the women stay behind… many having children as early as their teens. Many of the kids do not go to school because they do not have the money to travel to the nearest public school.

In this photo, our team is teaching the parents and the kids the basics of hygiene. (That’s why their hands are together. They’re learning how to wash their hands with soap.) Still, for a community of folks who live by picking out trash, they’re the friendliest people around. When you’re at the bottom, all charity is received with a smile, even if it’s something as simple as a spaghetti dinner.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

    1. Yes, it’s on the western shore of Luzon about an hour south of Baguio. My wife calls this particular area “Payatas”. I don’t know if that’s unique to the spot or if it is one “payatas” out of many, though.

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