Islands rule, deserts drool

If the failure of the Prince of Persia movie has proven anything, it’s that things set in a desert kinda suck. Notice all the commercials pointed out that the movie was produced by the same guy behind Pirates of the Caribbean. But what did that have that Prince of Persia did not have? Lush island settings that distract you from the times Jack Sparrow is not on the screen.

It’s the same reason why island properties go for millions of dollars, while houses built in the desert go for pennies in comparison? Why? No one wants to live in the friggin’ desert.

Where else has this happened? I’m thinking specifically of AMC’s remake of The Prisoner. For some reason, the creators of that show thought it would be just as intriguing to set the remake in the middle of the desert. Kinda defeats the purpose of The Village as a place that no one wants to leave, doesn’t it? Because if I were living in a town in the middle of the desert, I’d go ahead and brave the giant weather balloon to get out.

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