Rubaiyat of Mumtaz Mahal

El Santo:

I greatly enjoyed this rubaiyat done on a very classic subject. Wonderfully educational.

Originally posted on Athena Thoughts:

th (2)

She came to the city from Persia at dawn
and married at fourteen the prince Shah Jahan
together they grew and ruled over the land
and as the years passed many children were born

They say she was graceful and trusted and true
Her wisdom and kindness was matched by just few
She went with him daily wherever he called
to battlefield, to boardroom, she did follow through

He gave her the title of “Jewel of the Palace”
she danced and she shone like Aurora Borealis
he tired of her once, as they are wont to do
but when he remarried, she bore him no malice

Then at the old age of forty she died
bearing child number fourteen, he broke down and cried
A city in mourning, a people bereft
They had lost their good leader, lost their dear bride

He built her a…

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NaPoWriMo #18: The Rubaiyat of the Olympian

Olympic days are far long past
When the pole of a barbel grasped
And hoisted up, his muscles strained.
At his red face, the crowds would gasp.

Just 18th place — below the man
Who hailed from old Turkmenistan
Brings low two years of training hard
And living out his minivan.

On the world stage, put to the test
With dreams of medals on his chest
The only dream he ever knew
And judged not even close to best

Denied the gods Olympic glow
Now meekly stocking shelves at Lowe’s
Wond’ring now what could have been
If he’d signed up for hammer throw.

But every year, he comes prepared
To hoist that barbell in the air
On whom the gods bestow their might:
The strongman at the county fair.

It’s poetry form time again! Yip yip! Today, it’s a ruba’i, an AABA style with Persian origins.