The Best Optimus Prime Costume Ever


Halloween is coming, and with it the plethora of store-bought costumes.  When I was growing up, though, my favorite costume was Optimus Prime.  It wasn’t anything you bought in the store (which, in the 80’s, was just going to be a garbage bag with the word “Transformers” printed across it, anyways).  My dad created a cardboard Optimus for me to wear one Halloween.  It wasn’t very accurate to the cartoon, but a lot of love went into it.  It’s still my most fondly remembered Halloween costume to this day.


The Webcomic Overlook #11: Lil Formers

Do you know the two characters that decorate the banner of this site? Casual Transformers fans would know that they are Arcee, the most famous female Transformer, and Ratchet, the beloved Transformer medic. However, hardcore Transformer fans would recognize where the pictures came from. They’re both pictures from Dreamwave Productions, a Canadian company that once published Transformers comic books.

Dreamwave eventually folded when it went bankrupt in 2005. Its legacy, however, lives on. Matt Moylan, a former Dreamwave editor, is the writer and artist of today’s Webcomic Overlook subject: Lil Formers.

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