The Best Optimus Prime Costume Ever


Halloween is coming, and with it the plethora of store-bought costumes.  When I was growing up, though, my favorite costume was Optimus Prime.  It wasn’t anything you bought in the store (which, in the 80’s, was just going to be a garbage bag with the word “Transformers” printed across it, anyways).  My dad created a cardboard Optimus for me to wear one Halloween.  It wasn’t very accurate to the cartoon, but a lot of love went into it.  It’s still my most fondly remembered Halloween costume to this day.


Things you may have missed Halloween Week

Here are a few interesting things you may have missed in the Costumest Week of the Year:

  • Detroit Lions quarteback Jon Kitna and his wife dresses us as Coach Cullen, the Lions Coach that drove up naked to a drive through window, and a Wendy’s fast food teller, respectively. Some humorless sports commentators, namely Drew Sharp, thought it was tasteless and demanded an apology from Kitna. Which is hilarious because a Halloween party wouldn’t have gotten national attention if these sports writers weren’t so MORALLY OUTRAGED BY GOD KITNA YOU INSENSITIVE JERK!

    As a side note, it’s been reported that, at least at the party, Coach Cullen was OK with it. And two others in the Lions organizations dressed up as Kitna & wife, thumping bibles (Kitna is a devout Christian), and Kitna actually thought it was funny.

    Sadly, Jon didn’t even win the costume contest. Top prize went to my man, Roy Williams, who went as a pimp clown. Oddly, there has been no moral outrage over people saying that an upstanding community role model was dressing up as a guy who solicits prostitutes.

    Drew, I’ve defended your writing in the past, but … c’mon man, it’s Halloween. Lighten the eff up.

  • Homestar Runner did their Halloween toon this year, and it’s a good one. This one, a parody of slasher flicks, centers around the weird painting inside Strong Mad’s closet running amok in Free Country, USA.
  • It’s been a while, but The Fashion SWAT, which snarkily comments on terrible subculture fashion “trends,” is back at What kind of weird fashions are floating around Helsinki? If you ever had any intention of moving to Finland … maybe you really don’t want to know. But the braver among you should check out the Hel-Looks SWAT.
  • Agony Booth, after what seems like an eternity, has finally put up a movie review … but it’s totally worth it. THis one is a doozy: Deafula. Yes, it’s basically a movie about a deaf vampire. But, everyone in the world is also deaf! And doing sign language! Long live CANHANDS!