NaPoWriMo #25: I was there

Since the beginning of time, I was there.
Before Man uttered its first word, I was there.
I was there in the trees with the tweeting birds
In the ponds with the croaking frogs
In the very soft stillness of the wind
Through the soft rustling of the leaves.

In the fields of Africa among banging shields, I was there.
On the plains of Kansas around a crackling fire, I was there.
I was there in the cold halls of Europe
Where robed men lift their eyes to remember,
I was there on the streets of India
Staying the venomous fangs of snakes.

I was there when they forced me to give up my magic
Stripped to flat staccato, ripped from melody.
I was there when logic turned the people away
By forcing me into hard unfeeling code.

They say I am just entertainment
A plaything of the pretty
As disposable as a dime-store novel
A footnote for the real accomplishments

But I am still there
Worming into your ears
Igniting primal instincts
Bypassing grammar lessons
And returning to the language
Spoken by the very Earth itself

I was there in the vocal chords of the alto
I was there in the electric guitar chords
I was there in the wind of the pipe organs
I was there in your idols
There in your ringtones
There in your recitals
There in your satellite radio
I was there, and I am here.
I am song.

Today’s challenge is an anaphora.


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