NaPoWriMo #24: Stone Tightrope

Light gray stones, all flat and round
Rises ten inches from the ground
And barely just a palm’s width wide
Bisects the verdant country side.

On one side’s a grassy hill
With dandelions and bluebells.
The other side of this low wall
The border of suburban sprawl.

All I see: a stone tightrope
Suspended ‘bove the world below
One foot behind the other’s sole
Arms splayed out like a balance pole

Inching slowly forward now
As much as the wall will allow;
Arching left, then quickly — right!
Bracing till the end’s in sight.

But if somehow I am offset
I fall to the ground’s safety net
And then I raise my arms because
Imagined crowds break in applause.

From this week’s challenge: a poem about masonry! This was inspired by one of my favorite NaPoWriMo sites: Peter Roberts’ Masonry Design, where every year he writes poems about bricks, walls, and other masonry tidbits.


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