NaPoWriMo #23: Evohe

Hello, dear Evohe. How do you do?
You arrive too late! As your eyes are soft
Tonight! two lakes from the sky! and the dress is divine.
What case! you like Diaz, one suspects.
Your wrists thinned out like flowers
This muslin folds quarrelsome;
This simple collar is charming, this plush hat
White, this round head with his humble beehive
Give you, my goddess, all virginal air,
And you Gavarni complete Juvenal.
You would walk quietly among the dry leaves,
And if the child Eros lack of arrows,
He will ask the eyelashes of this black eye.
What a pity it is already Saturday night
And we should sing, O my Muse sports!
Because I would have said: “The fire burns in the fireplace,
The green salamander hops are dreaming;
Let the rain fall and the wind sighing,
As far Sophas are sweet looks bleak,
And our wine glasses are full of pink rays.”

The challenge today is to translate a poem from a language you don’t know. This is translated from “Les Théâtres d’enfants” from Théodore de Banville.


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