NaPoWriMo Day 15: Lunar Eclipse

A poem done in terza rima and about the lunar eclipse? Perfect! I also loved come of the imagery, especially the one about the “last fingernail… chewed at by shadow.”

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown


Lunar Eclipse

Last night I rose to watch the full eclipse––
a blood orange moon, full in the dark night sky
around it, scattered stars and tall palm tips.

It was as though in this world only I
watched the last fingernail of glowing moon,
chewed at by shadow, slowly wane and die.

And then the night birds with their lonely croon
gave timbre to this darkened night soon joined
by lonely burro, braying for the moon

as though they mourned for vision now purloined
or simply sang for joy of adding to
the beauty of this dark moon newly coined.

Then once again the moon’s edge came to view.
Earth moved aside in favor of the sun
and for an hour, I watched as moonlight grew.

Then sought my bed, the pageant not yet done,
as light increased and shadow slowly waned.
Inevitably, once more light had won.


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