NaPoWriMo #15: La Familias

When tent was pitched, they came from miles around
The dirt caked farmers and their families
With dusty jet black hair and skin of brown

Not like the scrubbed clean folks in magazines
The pale white freckled kids of pre-planned towns
And pitched by ads as the American dream

In margins of society they’re found
Tending crops beneath the sun’s fiery sear
Men in overalls tilling the ground

Some toiling under deportation fears
While others feel the cruel suspicious stares
Despite the fact they’ve been here forty years

But with delight they toss off all their cares
With joyous greetings in their Spanish tongue
For this day is the day of the Great Fair

Where fathers are amigos of the young.

Ah, my favorite prompt: the poetry form prompt. Today’s is the terza rima, preferred by the Divine Comedy’s own Dante Allegheri.


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