NaPoWriMo #6: Big Red Nose

I look outside the world’s window,
On every kid’s a big red nose.
From migrant kids outside Dubai
To smiling children of Masai
To ones in lofty stone abodes
Accessible by mountain road
To local kids confined to bed
For each one is a nose that’s red
Just fifty cents on Amazon
But when those kids put noses on
Its fun to be the red nosed clown,
One with the biggest smile around.

Well, I cheated a bit. The challenge today was to write a poem using descriptors inspired by looking out the window. This is kinda that, but with an expanded scope. I was actually inspired by an article in “The New Calliope,” where a traveling clown made it his mission to distribute 200 clown noses in Africa. I’ve actually done so overseas clowning myself, and will probably be doing some later this year, so I can actually relate to the sentiment.


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