NaPoWriMo Day 2: My Love Is Like A Red, Red Nose


My love is like a red, red nose
The vinyl nose of a circus clown
And powder white with painted smiles
While wearing thrift store hand-me-downs.

Believe you me, the tales I know
Of folks who tell it’s clowns they fear;
Our scary visage photographed
And text and Instagram it’s shared.

For they all tell of the creepy clown:
“This will keep you up at night!”
“My dad will freak when they see this!”
They cackle with morbid delight.

So why do this act that goes unloved?
The answer’s simple: it’s relief.
A juggling move, a magic trick
Is but distraction from the grief.

I’ve donned the red nose overseas
In poor towns near a garbage fill
To special schools for deaf and mute
And kids with illness terminal.

There are times when the blue afro wig
And painted face fills them with fright.
Other times, the motley mess
Brings out a smile and wild delight.

I twist a neon green balloon
To form the pint-sized balloon ape.
It’s in the hands of a blind boy
Who feels the contours of its shape.

For them I’ll don the red, red nose;
For them I’ll weather sidelong stares.
My friend, you may have fear of clowns,
I fear a world where no one cares.


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