NaPoWriMo #2a: Barthandelus

Well… I think I will also attempt the challenge today: write a poem about a non-Greco-Roman myth. Well… I decided to pull a little twist on it: a god that does not necessarily appear in any sacred texts.

There he awaits for you: Barthandelus —-
The human specks who dot Cocoon, mere pets
Amusing for a while, but must be taught
With a firm, iron hand their lowly place.

He greets you with Thanatosian smile
Broad as a river, jagged as the shore;
A smile not born of joy nor loving grace
But one who spots a plaything made to break.

Flanked on his shoulders are four other heads:
One to freeze; one to summon lightning storms;
One to spew the with’ring flame; one to drown.
With each turn, amplified and stregthened.

His Cheshire cat’s grin never seems to fade
As he bats your battered bones back and forth
First fire, water, blizzard and thunder
Then thunder, blizzard, fire, and water.

And just then your mind begins to darken,
Fragile frame supported by binding rod,
He tightens his frame, regains his power,
And speaks but one fateful word:


As vast constellations fill your vision
And consciousness turns to the world’s dreaming
You see your role — small, insignificant,
A cosmic pawn played by the fickle gods.

You feared the darkness and he gave you light —
A blinding fury that cannot be snuffed
Lest it be through the dark’ning of the world;
Bring forth the Maker; doom the world of man.


Your ignoble destiny.


His grin fixed in sordid glee —
For all your choices were by his design,
Death of the world and Fate thus intertwined.

UPDATE: I got some input from another poetry enthusiast, so I decided to try to fix some parts of the poem that I agree weren’t working.


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