Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


So what is Treasure? The NFL Lombardi trophy.

OK, so I’ve been Seahawks crazy for the last month, but let me explain why. The Seahawks are pretty much responsible for my marriage. It’s true! My wife and I first dated when someone gave her free tickets to a game. It was 49ers vs. Hawks. I was never much of a football fan then: being a Detroit transplant, hockey was king (though I was way more a Pistons fan). But my wife has always enjoyed football (though she didn’t know the rules), and I promised to come with.


Anyway, football has always been part of our relationship. Guess what we wore at the wedding rehearsal? Yup. Football jerseys. I even tracked down a copy of the cap I wore to our first game because the one I wore got lost on a plane at some point.


My wife even had me twist balloons for her class. Guess what she requested?

So, yes, the Lombardi is our awesome treasure. It is both a fun sports thing to happen, and a great hobby the two of us love to share. We got to see it live at the downtown parade last week, an event my wife insisted was worth taking the day off for.



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