The Seahawks 747

I think that, whether you root for the Seattle Seahawks (yay!) or the Denver Broncos (boo!), we can all agree on one thing: that the Seahawks have a plane. This is a painted Boeing 747, which was the result of a bet between Jim McNerney (Boeing’s CEO) and Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder and current owner of the Seahawks). Last July, the two placed a bet: if the Seahawks made the Super Bowl, they would see who pull a Seahawks related stunt to get the most attention. This was McNerney’s thing, even flying the 747 in a pattern around Washington that formed the number 12.

I think Paul Allen might have won this, though. Why? He managed to get a 12 flag flown on the friggin’ SPACE STATION. Wow, Paul… must be nice having your own spaceship and everything.


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