McFarlane Toys Russell Wilson


Imagine my surprise when I wandered into a sporting goods store this weekend to discover that a.) McFarlane Toys were still around, and b.) they’d actually created an action figure of a Seattle Seahawk again.

Good ol’ Russell Wilson is only the third Seahawks player given the toy treatment. Running back and Madden curse victim Shawn Alexander had previously been available, and Matt Hasselbeck had only been available in a two-pack that included (sigh) steelers linebacker Troy Polamalu. Troy’s currently sitting on a perch in my brother-in-law’s office, the sports aficionado that he is. Also I am not the sort of person who lies having any Pittsburgh Steelers nearby.

So it was surprising that Russell Wilson was the first Seahawk to get the McFarlane treatment. Not Marshawn Lynch, who really should have been made an action figure as soon as he induced an earthquake at Qwest Field, and not Richard Sherman, perhaps one of the most charismatic players around. No, McFarlane is eager to churn out quarterbacks mostly, whether it’s Andy Dalton or the hundredth version of Peyton Manning. That’s alright though, because I like Russell Wilson. And at least he didn’t get the action-packed “sitting on a bench” treatment.

So despite fantastic advancements in the areas of posability by companies such as Revoltech, McFarlane remains stubbornly by his design ethic that nothing should ever move on his figures. Nothing. I mean, for Pete’s sake, who do these toys think they are… athletes?!?!? So Russ follows the oh-so-90’s action figure ethic of being pretty much a statue while only moving his arms at the little sockets where his sleves are. Oh, and his head, with the permanently plummy lips, can turn, too. So he can do raising the football pose, keeping the football around his waist pose, and — with both arms raised — the “surprise birthday party” pose. Oh, and his left shin twists, too. A fat lot of help that does, though, since the base is way too small. There is no way lil’ Russ is keeping his right foot inbounds on the tiny piece of turf they include.

But, hey, it’s Russell Wilson! I can forgive a lot of those oversights mainly because they finally friggin’ made an action figure of a Seattle Seahawk again.

EDIT: It’s really adorable that the towel has “Wilson” embroidered on it. I know it’s not the same Wilson, but darn it, pretty sweet.

EDIT 2: I guess McFarlane Toys also has a “Playmakers” line that has a wider range of motion (and in fact, Russell Wilson is one of them), but man… these dudes are too small and seriously goofy looking.


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