The art of clowning: adventures in ballooning


This photo may be hard to decipher, but … it is “The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” It is also one of the best balloon renditions done in less than 15 minutes.

Last night, I joined the Big Foot Clown Alley in Fife for clowning exercises. One involved balloons. All of us brought our twisting balloons of various sizes and colors, not knowing what we were going todo with them.

That was actually part of the exercise. The idea was that we’d get requests that we would have no idea to twist. Our teacher, as an example, mentioned the Great Pumpkin (being only a couple of weeks past Halloween). And thus, we brave band of nine with various experiences in balloon twisting began forming our creations.

My contributions: Linus’ head, arms, and Snoopy. I think it was pretty impressive what our group could do in such a short time.


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