Let me tell you something, brother
You come down here
In my cave
Telling me these stories how you’re seeing
These people walking by
Like you understand the nature of the world?

Well let me tell you something, brother,
What you’re seeing is an
projections from a blazing hot fire
that are nothing but shadows on a wall
and reflections of reality

But let me tell you something, brother,
I have been outside the cave, brother,
and I can tell you that the only reality you need to know
are these 24-inch pythons
made for bustin’ people up
An’ I seen the truth, brother,
in the light of the blinding sun
And what I saw
Were the thousands and thousands
of screaming

So I’m back here in the Cave, brother,
to bring some enlightement to all of you
chained with your faces to the wall
to give you a glimpse
of what’s out there in the visible realm, brother.
Whatcha gonna do
runs WILD
on YOU

(OK, soooo…. what was this about? Just a fun little tidbit I learned about our pal, Plato. From Wikipedia: “According to Diogenes Laërtius, the philosopher was named Aristocles after his grandfather, but his wrestling coach, Ariston of Argos, dubbed him Platon, meaning ‘broad,’ on account of his robust figure.[22]” So, yeah, “Plato” was actually the name he was going by during his time as a pro-wrestler, and it referred to his strapping physique.)


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