Internet Clown

My fingers dab in the round tin
And scrape the greasepaint from within
To dab my skin around the nose
As shown on an old YouTube show.

My fingers are my paint brush, trace
A smiling grin across my face
Painted arch brows atop my eyes
Affix a permanent surprise.

Hands mime the twisting of balloons:
Dogs, cats, rabbits. At times there’s two
when crabs or monkeys must be built.
Which would you like? Your wish, fulfilled.

Clown college long has shut its doors;
What’s that recruitment even for
When all the lessons are online
From juggling to pantomime.

Thus I pursue with fervent zest
The mastery of the Mill’s Mess
So go stream your “Eastbound and Down”
And I shall seek the art of clown.


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