Apropos of nothing: Pirate jokes

Q: How much does a pirate pay for their earrings?

A: A buck-an-ear!

Q: What be a pirate’s favorite element?

A: The element of surprise!

Q: What be the kind of music a pirate listens to?

A: Aye, it can only be the dulcet tones of pirated ARRRR and B!

Q: Why be the pirate wearing a roll of paper towel where his hat should be?

A: ‘Tis all due to a Bounty on his head.

Q: Where be a pirate’s favorite port of call?

A: MadagascARRRRRRR.

Q: What do ye call a lady pirate what’s lost her leg?

A: Peg.

Q: What be a pirate’s favorite card game?

A: Gin rummy.

(There is a reason I’m thinking of this. I’m thinking of being a pirate clown for the community festival. Gotta have a few piratey one-liners under my belt. 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “Apropos of nothing: Pirate jokes

  1. A boy who had a speech ‘pediment went out as a pirate on Halloween.
    When he came to the first door, he said, “Bick or Beat. I’m a birate!”

    The man at the door said, “You’re a pirate?! If you’re a pirate… then where’r ye buccaneers?”

    …the boy answered, “Right here! Where’r ye buccaneers?”

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