Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


Ooooh! Ominous! FORESHADOWING!

What, don’t get it? Well, let me tell you a story about… this frog.

Our team was preparing food and supplies for prisoners at the local jail. Well, I was playing with one of the kids, and to entertain him I posed the frog on top of the box doing something that looked like Psy’s Gentleman pose from his latest music video.

Anyway, the next day, we began loading the supplies — hygiene kits and food — onto the Jeepney. Thing is, the guys loading one of the boxes? They totally left the frog on board. I keep wondering the whole trip what was going to happen to this frog. I mean, when we reached the prison, wouldn’t it be some sort of security violation?

After a long drive we reached the prison, and the guards began unloading the boxes. One of the guards noticed the stuffed toy, and he began talking with the coordinator. I have no idea what was being said — I wasn’t familiar with the local language. I half expected the guard to cut open the frog in case we were smuggling illicit substances into the jail. But … maybe he was just going to leave it in the Jeepney?

But … no. Apparently he was asking the coordinator if he could keep the frog. Because the next thing I know, the guard is clipping the frog on the ID badge hanging around his neck as decoration.

So that’s why this picture is foreshadowing. This is a picture of a stuffed frog … before he started serving a life in prison!!!!!


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