Daily Photo Challenge: the world through your eyes


This week’s challenge was super vague: the world through your eyes. What does it mean? Every image we capture is, in a way, through our eyes. Maybe something that trips the boundary between the mundane and the surreal? After all, sometimes even a photo of a cupboard can be magical. Thus I submit you this: a blustery day where a tiny kite takes flight far over Puget Sound as onlookers watch in awe.

EDIT: I mention this on my link in the Daily Post, but there are two artworks that this picture evokes, to me, in particular. The first is George Seurat’s “Sunday Afternoon“, in the way everyone is standing on the beach. (Incidentally, I got to see it at the Art Institute of Chicago. There is no greater thrill than rounding the corner and suddenly coming face to face with a stone cold masterpiece.) The other is Andrew Wyeth’s works, which emphasizes the sun-bleached white of stone. (A filter was applied to get this effect. The beach was otherwise too dark.)


16 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge: the world through your eyes

  1. It does remind me of a Wyeth and I completely get that “coming around the corner” feeling. When our girls were little, we went often to the Cleveland Museum of Art, a world-class museum. One day we came into the Impressionist room and our older daughter, “Look, Monet’s lilies.” There was an older woman in the room and her head whipped around, giving her a good look at this little blond-haired girl, then she glanced at me and smiled. Ah, the joys of home schooling! 🙂


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