The Aging Hipster Nerd

He used to like the men in capes
But recently he’s lost the taste;
Too many supermen on screens
Has soured his tongue, it’s too mainstream.

It used to stir some pride inside
When Weezer name-checked Kitty Pryde
But passion starts to drain away
Now that they’ve optioned Dr. Strange.

His heart beat with a geeky love
When comics formed a secret club.
“Hulk or Thor, which one is stronger?”
Secret codes it was. No longer!

This decade, nerd love’s lost its luster,
Modern nerds are piss and bluster
Sneering online, haughty, bitter;
Crowing on tumblr and twitter:

“Your heroes from the comics page
Were all so cheesy. Silver Age
Has no place in the modern times.
Get out, grandpa, you’re past your prime!”

Yet still — a funhouse mirror, too.
That snarky nerd? That once was you!
They protect their childhood’s domain,
Heroes not his, but is their claim.

Now he’s become who he’s despised:
The cranky Simpsons Comic guy.
Sad devotion to his hobby
Just enriched Marvel and DC.

Resigned, he sells his toys online
To aging nerds from simpler times.
Superfriends cups are all boxed up.
It was long past that he grew up.

But then a news tweet makes him swoon,
“There’s a new Thundercats cartoon?”
A renewed spirit in him dawns
To champion a new geek cause.


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