Superman’s Burden

The press says that you took your life, George Reeves.
An ill-timed buck laid low the great Chris Reeve.
Meanwhile Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain
Are no big stars but dim remembered names.

They say that there’s a curse that Reeves began
Woe to all actors playing Superman
Rue thy cursed fate, Henry Cavill,
Doomed’s your career now you’re the Man of Steel.

Great is the burden — He who wears the tights
And red cape must pose with heroic might…
With wide-eyed earnestness of a Clark Kent?
To be typecast, it seems no accident.

And yet… is not the price worth the renown?
For when you’re Superman, there’s naught but down.
Like comets burning through the skies you shoot
As paragon of justice and of truth.

An honor given to priv’leged few men
To play the Legend comics can’t contain;
Even films struggle to depict his scope!
For this short time, you play our greatest hope.


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