Tanka for the teachers

Meager waged career
For grads with college papers.
Oh, you lovely fool
With your damned, pesky conscience
To build another’s future.

NOTE: my wife is a teacher. It’s utterly ridiculous how low they’re paid compared to most other professions. I mean, seriously, can you imagine a world without teachers? Of course not. But if we value them so much, why do we consider their careers to be so inconsequential? I’m not even talking about raising taxes for public school teachers or anything. My wife teaches a private school that her family founded, and she doesn’t get paid much. I grew up in the parochial system, and I can tell you the lay people who work there don’t get compensated much either. (At least the sisters who worked there had a decent support system with the convent.)

But seriously, I’ve heard stories about people who’d pursued a career in education, only to leave because the stress was too high, and the money just wasn’t enough to pay the bills. I mean, geez. Do we just not value future generations enough in this world?

I have, in fact, have had this conversation with my wife, who feels bad she’s not making money and is thinking of switching careers. I tell her it’s up to her, but I don’t really want her to… because those kids need her, and without someone to guide their education, what’s left of their futures?


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