You can now sell your fan fiction

Hey, all you folks writing that forbidden Clark/Chloe Smallville fanfic. It looks like there’s hope you can get some moolah for all your hard work. Apparently, Amazon Kindle is going to start offering royalties for certain properties. Right now, they’ve secured publishing rights to CW style stuff (like Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars) but there’s plans to add more.

Here’s how it works: Amazon acquires licenses from the original copyright holder, whether it’s Stephenie Meyer’s publisher, Warner Bros. Television, or a movie production company, and agrees to fan fiction content guidelines, thus opening the way for writers to write and sell their fan fiction on Amazon’s platform. For any works of fan fiction published and sold on Kindle Worlds, Amazon pays royalties to both the copyright holder, as well as the fan-fiction author, who gets 35 percent of net revenue. Amazon retains the rights to any fan fiction published and sold on Kindle Worlds.

Will this mean that Peter Chimera will finally get some bank for his excellent “Doom: Repercussions of Evil”? Let’s hope so.


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