Poetry I like: Instans Tyrannus

So, I soberly laid my last plan
To extinguish the man.
Round his creep-hole, with never a break
Ran my fires for his sake;
Overhead, did my thunder combine
With my under-ground mine:
Till I looked from my labour content
To enjoy the event.

Did I say “without friend?”
Say rather, from marge to blue marge
The whole sky grew his targe
With the sun’s self for visible boss,
While an Arm ran across
Which the earth heaved beneath like a breast!
Where the wretch was safe prest!
Do you see! Just my vengeance complete,
The man sprang to his feet,
Stood erect, caught at God’s skirts, and prayed!
—So, I was afraid!

— Excerpt from the kick-assedly titled “Instans Tyrannus” by Robert Browning

It’s a poem about a dude beating up another dude. I like it cuz there needs to be more poems about dudes kicking ass. Might get teenage boys to pay attention to poetry and to put down that Call of Duty multiplayer session.


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