Photos: cherry blossoms of Mukilteo




During NaPoWriMo, I wrote more than one poem marveling at cherry blossoms. It can’t be helped; they’re quite eye-catching! I also lamented on its impermanence. Well, the woodland sprites here in the town of Mukilteo must have heard my plea, because we’ve had a solid month of pink cherry blossoms. Some bloomed early, then disappeared. But then — surprise! —- others waited until late April to shower our town in spring finery, when the skies were blue and sunsets became spectacular. Like they planned it. Who wants to bloom when skies are gray?

2 thoughts on “Photos: cherry blossoms of Mukilteo

    1. Heh! That’s a great idea.

      (Actually, my wife and I married in the fall, and we had the flower girls toss out leaves. Silk ones, though. I don’t think the facility folks would’ve liked to have to sweep up real leaves.)

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