The Ballad of Phoenix Jones


We thought, when you were brought to court,
Your hero’s dream had been cut short.
The judge had forced you to reveal
The man behind the misplaced zeal.

You had a job, you’ve wife and kids!
Desist this life lived off the grid.
You must retire, Phoenix Jones.
Hang up your tights and go back home.

Why do you strive to risk your life?
Your rubber chestplate won’t stop knives!
The public thinks you such a joke,
Grow up, young man; join normal folks!

But you appeared on first of May
Armed with your super pepper spray
Imploring vandals, masked as “V”,
To cease the riot peacefully.

Do they assume you’ve lost a screw?
What does Rex Velvet think of you?
You tilt at windmills, Phoenix Jones.
At least you do not toil alone.


But though I jeer, I shall confess
While anchoring my office desk
That I, in some capacity,
Envy your mad tenacity.

We joke your mighty deeds are small,
That’s still improved to not at all.
Thus, mask to mask, my heart confides:
There’s honor knowing that you tried.

So while us armchair wags debate
Your motives and your mental state,
You keep your vigil in the streets
Refusing to concede defeat.

Perhaps, in this world, to give back
It helps when one is slightly cracked
For altruism is, these days,
Viewed often times a fool’s crusade.


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