Thank you, WordPress!

Oh my Gawwwwdddd…

I’m on WordPress’s NaPoWriMo Five Favorites list?!?!?!

While we rejoiced in the proliferation of poetry-focused blogs, we also enjoyed watching non-poetry blogs explore new forms of expression. Rooktopia covers everything from comic books to pop culture to sports with a bit of poetry in the mix, but was fully dedicated to the NaPoWriMo challenge. Looking for a long-form poems on love, poem made entirely of cheese puns, or inspirational post on the craft and process of writing poetry? They’re all in here. we relished the way this part-time poet dove into NaPoWriMo and explored different topics and forms.


Oh wow.


Thank you, guys!


6 thoughts on “Thank you, WordPress!

    1. Thanks! I know this is going to sound really cliche, but the pleasure was all mine! It was fun reading different people with different styles, different ideas, and different approaches to life. There might be something about farm life from half a century ago, or current farm living like yours, or maybe it’s about astronomy or maybe every poem is about masonry. (Yup, there’s a blog where every poem is about masonry, and it is glorious.) It was absolutely fun and inspiring!

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