The Final Haiku

This was, in the end,
Many leagues more fulfilling
Than NaNoWriMo.

And so ends my first try at NaPoWriMo! I got to say, it really was more fullfilling than NaNoWriMo for me, anyway. I was never happy with any of the “novels” I wrote, always topping out at 10K to 15K. But poetry? Piece of cake. Best of all, I’m not embarrassed about any of the poetry I’ve written … unlike my NaNo novels, which will never ever see the light of day. (Actually they have, but I ain’t linkin’ em to y’all.)

Perhaps, as in the words of the immortal Andre the Giant, I’m a poet and I know it? Maybe. I definitely love rhymes… though that doesn’t seem to be getting any play with the serious poetry sites I’ve seen. I know a kind commenter out there suggested maybe I should send some off to some publications, but eh. I’m guessing the kind editors think my stuff’s too nursery rhyme-y.

It doesn’t matter, though. I love Poe, Housman, Keats, and Wordsworth, and those guys loved to rhyme and their poems were oh so simple. You know who also likes to rhyme? Jay-Z. That guy may not be a well renowned poet laureate in the literary world, but his words — for better or for worse — have touched a lot of people. And they rhyme! The better to be more memorable, I say.

So I’ll probably be continuing with the poetry, just not as frequently. (Man, I averaged two poems a day! Crazy.) Now I’ll do it when the mood strikes me.

Still, I wholeheartedly endorse NaPoWriMo. It’s amazing that I actually had something to say, and none of it ever felt forced. Writing poetry just soothes the soul, it does.

Plus… when some one asks you what you did this weekend, or what hobby you have, how classy is it to respond, “Oh, I write poetry.” I mean, suddenly they’re like all, “Oh, my God. Elizabeth Browning’s all up in this this piece, Muggle-lovers” It’s thrilling.


2 thoughts on “The Final Haiku

  1. well not only are you a poet but you are a great source of entertainment too. as for being too nursery rhymey, well fiddlesticks to that I say, I love rhyming and i can’t wait to get the silver surfers to do it too it will be a hoot, and they will have fun! G 🙂

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