Collector’s Dilemma


The Me who is Covetous
Longs the feel of it unwrapped.
I’d untwist the tight wire ties
And flip open the box flaps.

He’d occupy a shelf spot
With Kup, Ratchet, and Arcee.
He’d be posed with arms raised high,
Displayed dramatically.

When old friends come to visit
And bring bored girls and boys,
Down they come! They play with them,
Unloved is the unplayed toy.

Oh, they’ll lose spring-loaded missiles
And the small auxiliary stuff.
But when they crack the puzzle,
Their delighted look’s enough.

But Me who is Pragmatic
Covets the Acquisition.
“That toy’s G2 Inferno;
Don’t you want it mint condition?”

For there’s my Box of Sadness:
Hornless Rhinox hid from sight.
Where’s my Blackarachnia?
Did some kid pinch her outright?

In the box are all the parts
And they’re safely stowed away.
What if I choose to sell him?
Seventy bucks on eBay!

I should put him behind glass:
A display piece to be viewed.
Yet, nagging guilt still lingers.
Thanks a lot, Toy Story 2!

Securely packed in peanuts
Where he’s been the last five years,
The fate of this red Autobot
Remains murkily unclear.

(Note: Just to clarify, I don’t lure kids to my house with promise of playing with a Transformers collection. I mean… come on. However, the Transformers are quite popular. I notice it really doesn’t matter if it’s boys or girls playing: the toys really do offer a sort of mental challenge to beat… like a cooler Rubik’s Cube.

Also, I’m still really upset that I can’t find where my Blackarachnia went to. Argghhh!!! A part of me thinks it’s the same kid who possibly has the Belle doll (from Beauty and the Beast) that I got my wife for her birthday. Mustn’t accuse…. It’s just a toy… it’s just a toy…. Fortunately, unlike Inferno, a replacement Blackarachnia is very cheaply available on eBay.)


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