To the White Tower!


To the White Tower!
For now the last obstacle
Of our grand journey
Has at last been overcome!
Forward to the tower, love!

Through times perilous
We have stood fast, side by side,
Through difficult paths;
You born of volcano’s flame
And I from dark lands depressed.

But aye through these woods,
Guided by the fickle fates,
Drawn to the Tower!
Gleaming o’er the horizon,
Blue beacon blazing the sky!

Twas no easy path,
At one point, separated
In heat of battle
But no demon’s sword as strong
As my bond to you, beloved.

Ah, there’s the Tower
Nestled in the snowcapped peaks!
By the clear waters
One journey comes to an end
But another shall begin.

No hint on your face
That you know what lies within.
Should you be afraid?
Enchanted, you, by its gleam;
Blind you are of the terror.

My heart is pounding
But there is no turning back.
Fly open, the doors!
Pressing onward and upward,
The White Tower beckons us!

The ivory walls
Flecked in bands of jade and gold
Fly past in a blur
As we reach the precipice
Where the earth meets the heavens.

Your eyes widen as
You spy the box in my palm,
Diamond ring inside.
Trembling, kneeling on one knee,
I must ask you, “Marry me?”

Note: I did propose to my wife atop a white tower. This one. Located in the heart of Seattle, near Lake Union, surrounded by two mountain ranges. Sorta looks like a magic tower, eh?


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