Blogger’s Lament

Blogging blog posts send me reeling
Logging in feels so defeating
Little beats that sinking feeling
That my posts nobody’s reading.

Though there’s one thing I fear the most
That, as my words reach foreign coasts,
Someone typed out a rude riposte
On how he really hates my post.

My heart sinks unequivoc’ly,
Just scant two hundred hits I see.
Oh, dash my dreams! I’ll never be
Some internet celebrity.


3 thoughts on “Blogger’s Lament

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I liked my last theme (“Blaskan”); it was nice and clean, which was perfect for the posts here. The problem, though, was that it was limited to only one type of post, so whenever I wanted to post an image gallery the options were limited. I sorta like the colors on the 2013 theme… and it’s a lot better than 2012, which I abandoned a day after trying it out. 🙂

      I dunno, the colors are real nice. I like to customize my blogs, but the default is so eye-catching that I think I’ll keep the standard orange-yellow-tan look for a while.

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