The Ballad of Carrie Nation

20130425-123415.jpgShe seeks out peddlers of sin.
Hands grip a heavy axe.
Their devil liquid sold within —
They think no one fights back?

The prohibitionists all cheer
In rapt fascination.
Speakeasy owners quake in fear:
Fly, it’s Carrie Nation!

A bulldog’s scowl, a heavy frame;
In muscles, mythic might.
Her heart burns with a cleansing flame
To bring the wrongs to right.

With heavy swing she whacks the door,
The oaken boards are chopped.
More well placed hits, she chops some more,
Her anger can’t be stopped.

The patrons of the speakeasy
Abandon their libations.
For there’s the country Valkyrie!
Here comes Carrie Nation!

“Destroy the liquor bottles, girls!
Smash the rum! Whiskey, too!
Let unrepentant wrath unfurl,
God’s eyes are watching you!”

The furniture’s dragged past the choir,
The bar’s floor now laid bare.
Her battle axe raised ever high’r
And splinters cloud the air.

No God-birthed cyclone ever could
Wreak such devastation.
No boarded windows have withstood
The axe of Carrie Nation.


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