The Would-Be Disney Princess

She could have been a Disney star,
She once traveled for auditions.
Yet she stays home, she won’t go far —
Far too sweet, her disposition.

The Suite Life’s moving out to sea,
There’s no Austin to her Ally.
Some dreams were never meant to be.
Lives, no fairy tale finale.

She must ward two younger cousins
From a broken family.
Their mom’s stationed at Fort Jackson,
Army life’s where she feels “free”.

Poor auntie married far too young,
A wedding forced by pregnancy.
But neither spouse could overcome
The cruel death of life’s fantasies.

How cursed this girl with love filled heart!
Sweet, sincere, with no complaints.
No songs she sung top iTunes’ charts,
Her goodness is her “Can’t Be Tamed”.

A mother for these children two
With wisdom well beyond her years.
Through her, discipline exudes
Unlike her adolescent peers.

Too young she is for all of this!
Such wasted youth; a life unfair.
She smiles, my worries are dismissed,
“The kids deserve someone who cares.”

Farewell, the Miley Cyrus life!
Goodbye, you High School Musicals!
iCarly fame would have been nice,
Yet, life lived no less lyrical.

Her comely Disney Princess face
Ensnares the Would-Be Charmings’ stares,
Yet nobleness age can’t erase:
Her inner beauty’s something rare.

(Notes: I know way too much about the shows on the Disney Channel.)


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