Ebony Chrysler
Parked beneath a cherry tree,
Flecked in petals pink

When a soft wind breathed
A gentle gust; weightless flakes
Shaken, scatt’ring free,

Drifting dreamily
On a flight path uncharted,
Slanting ever down,

Silently, softly —
Not like impatient droplets
Nor the hail’s cruel rattle —

Stopping on a field
Of midnight polished metal;
Shivering, shaking,

Fragile as starlight,
Like sugar powder sprinkled
By some faerie sprite.

5 thoughts on “Petalstorm

    1. Well, if it helps, I took this picture with the moonroof open and my cellphone camera pointed directly at the branches.:) Also, photos do a very poor job of capturing the motion of the petals as the breeze runs through them.

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