Mennonite Country


Four hours driving through a pitch black rainy night
I take my rest deep in the land of Mennonites.
Depositions gentle and facial features plain,
The joy of Godliness within their hearts engrained,
To see you is to peer into a long lost day
Of crisp gingham dresses and fragrant bales of hay.
Simple sons and daughters who toil the fertile land —
Beatified bright faces and rough-hewn calloused hands:
Tell me true, is this a sin that I commit,
Penning silly poems whilst on the Internet?




7 thoughts on “Mennonite Country

    1. I don’t think so either… one Mennonite girl, in fact, turned out to be both a poetry writer and a speaker… but seeing them In their simple dress and head coverings did make me wonder if my large amount of time on the cellphone was crossing the line of excessive technology usage. πŸ™‚

  1. The Mennonites I know, they call themselves Plain People, would probably say that most poetry is vanity, unless it is about the glory of the Father or the salvation of the Son. They usually do not plant flowers, or have lovely things, because they say that is a distraction. It is hard for me not to contemplate the beauty of Creation and not feel wonder an awe about the Creator, so I disagree with their view. Great poem though!!

    1. Incidentally, I thought your avatar was a bearded dude wearing a black shirt, sunglasses, and a black bandana raising a microphone to the air with his heavily tattooed arm.

      It wasn’t until I zoomed in on the picture that I realized… it was a deer.

      1. That must have been a shock! It’s all in the perception eh? My avatar is a reproduction of one of my paintings. Your rendition sounds more interesting… What a fantastic imagination! πŸ˜€

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