Fortune Cookie of the Judges

You shall rain fury on your enemies by your own hand,
For you shall strike with rage and power and might
At man and beast and vineyards alike.
But thy path will only end in tragedy.
No true love shall you find.
Thy beloved shall marry another,
But she and her family shall be burned in their house
When your enemies seek revenge.
Then shall you be betrayed by another love for eleven hundred pieces of silver.
Your majestic hair shall be shorn,
You shall have your sight blotted out by the point of a sword,
And, in one last moment of pain, hate, and rage,
You shall destroy yourself and thy enemies by bringing the Temple of Dagon crashing round your heads.
Your lucky numbers are 13, 16, and 31.

NOTE: I wasn’t really planning on doing the NaPoWriMo fortune cookie prompt today… but whatev’s. 🙂


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