An Ode to Girl Friday


The man in the worn fedora
Has one woman he adores though
By the way he chases skirts
On some days you can never tell.

She follows him on all his cases
And with tenacity she chases
Down the clues and criminals;
She’d pull him from the Gates of Hell.

She’s not afraid to give him sass,
Her loyalty is unsurpassed
Unlike that redhead temptress
Who canoodles with the ne’er-do-wells.

Although she doesn’t need his help,
She feels relief despite herself
After the big brute eats the floor
When the detective clocks his bell.

The case all done, they drink and smoke,
And argue just like married folk.
His eyes follow his Girl Friday
As she greets the clientele.

Though so perfect for each other
They’re unlikely to be lovers.
They work too well, why risk it all
On chance of heartbreak and farewells.

Notes: Picture still from the movie, “His Girl Friday” … though that one was more about newspaper people.  This poem was actually inspired by the following exchange from the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, “Rear Window”:

Lisa: Surprise is the most important element of attack. And besides, you’re not up on your private eye literature. When they’re in trouble, it’s always their Girl Friday who gets them out of it.

Jeff: Well, is she the girl that saves him from the clutches of the seductive showgirls and the overpassionate daughters of the rich?

Lisa: The same.

Jeff: That’s the one, huh? It’s funny, he never ends up marrying her, does he, huh? That’s strange.

Lisa: Weird.


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