Glasses, Red Skirt, And Black Sweater

I think myself a faithful man
Whose glances never go askance
But nothing boils my hormones better
Than glasses, red skirt, and black sweater.

Unbeknownst, my gaze is on your
Elegance, one second longer
Than I meant to, yet I still stare;
Your confidence is debonair.

Let less refined men drool and flirt
O’er halter tops and miniskirts.
I’ll take a girl whose countenance
Pairs beauty with intelligence.

You bear the stateliness and grace
Of a modern Ada Lovelace.
Those thick rimmed lenses magnify
The warm allure of your gray eyes.

Does in your crisp demeanor seethe
Byronic fire buried deep?
For your midnight/crimson fashion
Suggests a smould’ring hidden passion.

Blonde hair pulled back, so straight and sleek,
Unveil the contours of your cheek.
Across the parking lot you glide
On little heels with short, swift strides.

It’s best to leave things unspoken
Lest fantasies be dashed and broken.
Avert your eyes, do not upset her;
Miss Glasses, Red Skirt, and Black Sweater.


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