Will I ever sight that’s far more odd
Than this? — I’ll never know.
Of seeing a cartoon animal head
Atop a well-toned torso.

Have you been doing steroids?
What’s your workout regimen?
Do you belong to the world of beasts
Or to the world of men?

Do you, dog man, eat chocolate?
Do you you own a cat?
And do you think your cat girl friend
Is totally cool with that?

And why is her face do furry
Yet she has a hairless chest?
For I have seen a human woman’s form
The many times she goes topless.

Her hair is topped with cat ears,
A tail comes out her back.
That chest, though, drawn with wanton thoughts,
As is that luscious butt crack.

So odd you are, part-beast, part-man,
A strange sight and pedigree.
Evolution’s no resolution,
Oh, little dog man, who made thee?


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