If the die had stayed on two,
The future would have come undone.
He’d voice concern now voiced anew
On learning of my loaded gun.

If the die had rolled on four,
He’d smack the fan, his head would bruise.
He’d insist he wasn’t sore
Yet still the pain I’d help to soothe.

If the die had come up three,
Our gaze would lock to our surprise.
For we knew who was guiltily
Making with the googly eyes.

If the die were set on six,
We’d find ourselves some privacy.
We’d lean over for a kiss,
But stopped by a cacophony.

If, by horror, it was one,
It will consume my sanity.
The darkest timeline has begun
Yet in the end he stands by me.

If the die face was on five,
Our lips meet for a passionate kiss.
My heart still leaps, I feel alive,
Despite a little awkwardness.

But he never rolls the die
For nothing should be left to chance.
And yet I think I catch his eye
As in my mood I leap to dance.


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