Your bulky frame, your brutal lines
The hulking beast that prowls the skies.
Reminds me of the colder times
With iron curtains, war, and spies.

In native tongue, they named you “Dream,”
In NATO, you are named “Cossack.”
You carried effortless, it seemed,
A Russian shuttle on your back.

Such beauty in your ugliness!
With heavy engines, big broad wings.
You may lack grace and finesse,
But in payload, you are king.

Wheels leave behind a tractor’s trail;
A strongman’s stance for heavy landings.
Like devil horns is thy split tail.
Stalwart, bold, and so commanding.

Built like a tank from fore to aft,
Monstrous… stills a work of art!
Strategic airlift cargo craft:
Antonov, you’ve won my heart.

(Author’s Note: this isn’t my photo this time. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. I have plenty of photos of the An-124 currently parked at Paine Field. However, after seeing images of the An-225, I just knew that I had to make a poem about that instead. 🙂 )


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