Modern Passion Play


Cirque du Soleil on an evening soiree
Cloaked in the story of the old Passion Play.
Lithe little dancers held aloft by a crane.
A small dash of piety and a little profane.

Devils are bathed in the bright red spotlight.
Angels are blue; and they mimic a fight
Of spiritual warfare with kicks and with flips.
A big screen behind airs iMovie clips.

Crowds wave big palm fronds and all chant His name
Like fans in the stands at the big All Star game.
There’s lasers, there’s pyro, effects to inspire.
One angel swings a sword that’s completely on fire.

Yet the core of the Gospel is never once glossed.
Jesus still bloodied, still nailed to the cross.
The make-up is expert, blood streaking his flesh
He carries his cross while the wounds are still fresh.

It’s true when things change, the samer it seems.
The trappings are glitzy, but same are the themes
Of salvation and redemption and to never forget
that He paid the price, and then conquered death.


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